As a believer we need to understand completely and deeply two things.

We are the called and chosen people of most high.

Our enemy is defeated and has absolutely no authority upon us.

Because: we are delivered by the grace of God. Jesus had atoned us, covered us from the sins.

The plan of atonement was foreordained. Before creation He had planed our salvation. God is never taken by surprise. That’s why God was not surprised when Adam and Eve sinned. But remember one thing, sin was never the plan of God, but it was in the knowledge of God. It’s His grace and unconditional love He planned our salvation before we were born or created as mankind.

Disobedience, sin, death and hell was not the plan of God but the plan of our enemy. Sin is foreign element. it is not the original plan of God.

Devil intervene in the plan of God and bring sin and death. God intervene in the plan of devil and bring salvation and eternal life.

Jesus did not just give us salvation, but He has broken the power of sin. Just embrace Jesus properly. We have no guarantee of this life, but believers have guarantee of eternal life.

Let us live for our Lord and glorify Him.

From the desk of your Pastor

Boaz Kamran

September 2019

We are called and chosen people. We need to know our relationship with Lord Jesus Christ in a batter way than before. Relationship should continue to develop in understanding, love and concern for doing something for Him.

Jesus Christ is a very person. Our relationship reflects always what we think of the other person. Our talk, thinking and act shows that the person is alive or dead. In church there are two type of believers.
Some shows by their deeds that their Lord is dead and no more alive. In case of troubles, emergency, happy or sad moments they need some mediator like Pastor or other minister. Their Lord is very small, weak and tiny that He cannot fulfill their need. He cannot make their daily life brightened and joyful. They are full with complains. They become the trouble makers. They need always a feeder to drink milk. They need attention, care and sympathy.

Other shows that they have living contact or alive contact with their Lord Jesus. When they fell into troubles, they contact by themselves to Him. In case of emergency they call upon his name. When they are happy, they invite Him and enjoy His fellowship. When they have challenges, they know their Lord is bigger than this challenge. Their works tells that they are in relation with someone who’s grace and love is enough for them. They are not trouble makers but they became solutions. They don’t need attention but they pay attention to others.

On this resurrection season I encourage you to have alive relationship with your living Lord Jesus Christ. Because he is not dead anymore, he has risen and his grave is empty.

Happy Resurrection season

From the desk of your Pastor,

Boaz Kamran

April 2019

Praise the Lord that we are closing again this year 2018 with the celebrations of Christmas. Celebrations starts as we entre into the month of December. This is a special December because we have 5 Mondays,
5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays.

You may have gone through a difficulties and challenges. Many times, you feel yourself a failed person. An unsuccessful person. Or any other bad
association which make you feel pity.

But on this special occasion I have good news for you. I want you to stop and read it carefully. You entitled yourself all weak things because you are focusing yourself only.

I urge you to use the ability to focus. But this time focus for one year, only Jesus. Try to do something for Him, say something for Him, go somewhere for Him, ask and tell for Him. Your focus must be Jesus instead of your own personality.

You will change for ever. Because when you focus on Jesus, Jesus will focus on you. He will restore everything in your life. I know something great is going to be happen in the year 2019 for you. You will not be the same person again. Your life will be filled with testimonies.

I wish the year 2019 serve you with focusing Jesus. Merry Christmas and A Happy new year.

From the desk of your Pastor

Boaz Kamran

December 2018. 

You are chosen to have this blessed seasonal celebrations. Season of Christmas give us hope of life and achieving goals through the power of The Holy Spirit. Jesus gave His everything so we could able to receive everything we need. This season demands us to show that we love Jesus. That we want to do the things what are right in the sight of our Lord Jesus. Because Jesus is the reason of this season.

I personally encourage you to spare a special and lone time for the Lord during this special season. Don’t make yourself feel that it’s a special day but let Lord Jesus Christ feel that it’s His special day. To make Him feel special, Celebrate with Him. Do everything for Him. Behave like Him. Deal like Him. Talk like Him. Walk like Him. Do something what Jesus likes; it will be the best gift you can offer on His special day.

As a Christian I need to stop and think what I am doing in my life. Am I just participating in celebrations like a religious man or woman, or I have some special heart for the Lord.

Jesus stands always at your side, no matter how much your enemies try this coming year of 2018, they will not succeed. Because you have been destined to make it and you shall surely achieve all your goals this year. All your agonies will be diverted and victory and prosperity will be coming in abundance. If you stand with Jesus than He has confirmed the end of your sufferings, sorrows and pain because He that sits on the throne has remembered you. He has taken away the hardships and given you joy. He will never let you down.

Your God will remember you today like Noah. Protect you like Daniel. Heal you like Naaman.

Favour you like Moses. Prosper you like Isaac. Anoint you Like David. Answer you like Elijah.

Use you like Paul. Intervene for you like Esther. Fight for you like Israelites.

Just stay with Him and trust Him with all of your heart.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

From the Desk of your Pastor Boaz Kamran

December 2017

John 1:14

We praise the name of our Lord and saviour who paid the prise at our behalf to deliver us from the penalty of eternal death. For this very reason He came to earth and we see and encounter Him and His name is JESUS. He born not of flesh nor by the desire of men but the spirit and the will of God Himself. He is unique at His birth, life (with sings and wonders), death, burial and specially His resurrection.

Every nation has his leader every religion has his God, but only the Christians has this privilege to announce that their Lord and saviour is not dead like other but resurrected for everlasting life. As His followers we have hope and faith that we are going to taste the resurrection not for death but eternal life with our Lord.

Your birth is special and you are on a mission from God. Know it and start working for it to accomplish.

Live Life for good death.

Today its not a matter if there is life after death but the matter if we are living A LIFE actually on this earth.

Stay blessed.

From the desk of your Pastor
Boaz Kamran

March 2017

Song of Solomon 3:1-4
This is a very special book which shows the love between husband and wife. One thing we need to know is that, this love is the revelation between the Christ and the Church. As we know from the Word of God that Jesus is our Bridegroom and Church is the bride, so whenever you read this book read in this background.
In chapter three the bride (the church) came to know that somehow the relation of her groom (Lord Jesus) had been broken. Because she could not find her love beside her. She was about to sleep at bed and didnot find her love there and didnot find her love there.

Bed time is the rasting time. Rast present the comfortable time of the life. The true believer always want their Lord beside them even in there comfortable time. Some need their Lord at their difficult timings only.
When Bride could not find her love, her Lord. She decided not to sleep and instead to find her Lord. She did not fear of the dark, where she can encounter thief’s, slum dogs etc.

She started to find her Lord in room then in the house and then in the street and even in the whole city. During her search she meet with the watchmen. Watchmen presents the Pastor and the Church leadership. She questioned them. They guide as much as they can.

Importantly, verse four first line give us special guidance. Which is, pastors can give us the outline, headline in the church service. In verse four ‘‘it was but a little that I passed from them’’ we need to hear from watchmen, but we should go little dipper in the word, to search our Lord. If we just hear the guidance and did nothing by ourselves to dig dipper, we cannot not find our Love, our Lord.

I encourage you to hear the pastors Sunday message, then dig more the outline you got. You will find something you never can forget.

Once she found her Love. She never let him go. Meaning she has examined herself. She know what not to do. Now she knows her shortcoming, which cause her love to leave her. She hold her strongly mean she never make any situation which cause her Lord to left her behind and alone.

May God give you special wisdom and spiritual strength to do dig dipper and hold your Love, your Lord strongly.

From the desk of your pastor.

Boaz Kamran

September 2016

Forgivness is the vital message of the Holy Bible. Forgivness means, never remember the sin whom you have forgiven.

In the human history if we want to see the exemple of forgivness then i would feel bless to present the forgivness of God towards all humankind. Everyone has sinned and earned the panelty of death. But through Christ, God has granted forgivness of sins. Not only this but He shared his thron, His heaven and His only begotton son. Everyone who accepted Jesus and experienced forgivness, has great responsiblity to show the same love and patence toward others.

As human it is not a easy job to forgive. When its a question of ourselves. We cannot see that we have done mistake. But if we sorround ourselves with this question we can say atonce no, I did not made many mistakes. Yes, I do agree no one can say he never made any mistake. But I am not talking about if you have ever made mistake or not. I am talking about if you have courage as people of God to accept, no matter it seems your mistake or not. Is it difficult for you to say word SORRY? what happen at the time when someone come to you with some complain. Did you agree either quite, ignore with love or accept, rather to argu did you have shown courage to embrace the person.

We always remember those event and happenings where we have shown good attitude. We are weak to remind ourselves where we were harsh, argued and problem person.

If we want to grow in Christ dont even remeber your good deeds but more your bad actions. Not to discourage youselves but you put your innerbeing in front of God for correction, more perfection, for more fulfilment of love, to reflect the image of God, so you will be one of the reason of God’s praise.

Today we are offering many prayers in the body of Christ which are fruitless. Because we did not have forgiven our brothers and sister, our neighbours etc and we are praying. That is the reason which shows us that it will not bring any good results.

We want to be forgiven but have difficult to forgive.
We feel good to hear sorry but difficult to say sorry.
We want to council other but difficult to be counciled.
We want to be loved but difficult to show love for others.
We want to be honored but difficult to honer other.
We want to be respected but difficult to give respect.

Lets promise in the presence of God to live in forgivness. The person who forgive or say sorry is more strong and greater than the person who cannot do the same.

God bless you.

Pastor Boaz Kamran

- This text is also published in Programbladet March - May 2015 -