On one beautiful Easter morning the world witnessed an usual event; an event that to this day still reverberates all over the world; an event that caused the earth to shake; an event that popularized certain previously unknown words and increased the geographical knowledge of many. That event brought a new meaning to the concept of the Cross, Golgotha, Calvary, crucifixion, crown of thorns and the like. But that singular event also unveiled and brought a new meaning to other words such as forgiveness, redemption, salvation and resurrection etc. these are beautiful words, so beautiful and especially at such a season as this. This is the season of Easter! This is that season, once again; the season that changed everything. This is the season that reminds me and many others of that man, the Man of Galilee, the Son of God who by enduring the trauma and brutality of one certain day called “Good” Friday, a Friday that was bad and painful for him but good and memorable for the world. Indeed it the season that reminds me, and very many others, of the real cost of our salvation. Simply put, it was the day we were set free at last.

Satan’s interference in the world has since continued unabated. For over two years the world, our countries, our church and our families have suffered immensely from his nefarious and wicked activities. Governments and authorities have proved again and again that no one truly has the answer to Satanic troubling. But God’s people, you and I, have once again trusted in the saving power of the once whose power to save was proven through the salvation of our souls. But the problems have kept mounting. From the devastated, once beautiful cities and country sides of Ukraine to the unceasing reports of deaths, sickness and hunger in places, we must now continue to draw from our indisputable knowledge that Jesus saves. But he saves only for as long as his people are ready to pray. 2Chronicles 7:14 that, “If my own people will humbly pray and turn back to me and stop sinning, then I will answer them from heaven. I will forgive them and make their land fertile once again” (CEV). As the season of Lent continue, leading to Christ’s resurrection, let us humble ourselves and pray that the one who saves will save yet again. When we do, he will surely save again.

With great joy in my heart, I welcome and congratulate all the chosen leaders of our congregation. I am excited to have to work with you all during the next one year to do all that the Covid-19 restrictions could not enable us to do in nearly two years. As the prophet Nehemiah charges, let’s all now rise and build the Lord’s house together, (Nehemiah 2:18).

Finally, I pray that the lessons of Jesus’ passion during this season of Lent will help us identify with his sufferings, but also, that we shall embrace the joy, the victory of that resurrection morning, the day we all became free at last! We are FREE AT LAST! Glory be to God!

Rev. Sam. E. Nweze

April 2022

Equmeniakyrkan Hallunda, Hallundaplan 1, 145 68 Norsborg. Bg 192-2889. Swish 123 225 8622.

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