God made Adam and Eve and put them into the garden of Eden. Before Adam God made the person named DEATH. But at that time death was dead and power less. God told Adam if you disobey me you will die. Means your disobediance give LIFE to death.

Satan want to steal and kill and destroy them but he could not even touch them.

When God´s instruction is heard by satan, he knows there is a person name death. He cannot do anything to human but if he will be successfull to make human disobey God than death will be alive and do the same to human what he want to do to them.

He attempted with Eve and he succeded to Adam as well.

When Eve disobey nothing happened but when Adam ate they see the changes and death become alive to kill them.

God love the human so much He decided to pay the penalty by himself instead of you and me.

Jesus Christ came to earth and pay the price. Jesus was the second Adam in human history who was incarnated like first Adam. Means they both were without sin. They were not with any sin like all of us. That's why death cannot kill them because of their sinlessness.

Jesus incarnated just like first human Adam, as he was before sin.

Know if Jesus want to die. He must have sin in His body, which He did not have. So He collected my and your sins. Know He can die.

When someone gives life to Jesus. He says go and do my testimony on earth. When time came Jesus send death to bring His child to Him. So He could make that child eternal with Him.

Eternal means, We will get back the life of Adam which he had before sin. Means death will be dead for us.

So this is what Christ did to death. Jesus uses death to bring believer to Him and death die for that believer forever. At the other hand unbeliever taste death once on earth but will taste death forever.

Be with Christ at His given standards in The Bible.

Pastor Boaz Kamran

May 2023

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