In this maiden edition of our 2024 Parish Magazine, it is not too late to wish all ye people of God a happy New Year. Although it’s been two months since the year began, yet the Lord’s steadfast love and faithfulness have been renewed each new day, (Lamentations 3). This is the year that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it,

When you listen to the sound of the trumpet above, what do you hear? For me, I hear the sound of victory, and I immediately remember that this year was declared ‘The year of the trumpet.’ For the children of God, the trumpet is an instrument of halleluiah. Its sound is the sound of victory. When sounded with specific divine instruction it brings down the proverbial walls of Jericho. The first time that happened was in Joshua 5 when an impenetrable wall stood in the way of God’s people. From that day, the great potentials of the trumpet were unveiled and it has become a rallying instrument of war to this day. For us as a congregation, this year, the trumpet has come to represent praise! This is based on the realization that talk is cheap but praise is power. When God is praised he becomes awesome in power and walls are broken down. So for us this year, it’s less talk and more praise! With that, problems will bow and mountains will be removed; impenetrable rocks will be split open and darkness will be turned to light; huge successes will be recorded and unspeakable victories will be won. I so declare in Jesus name! Such is the power of the trumpet; that’s the awesome power of praise to our great God! So, buckle your shoes and get ready! Your mourning is about to be turned into dancing again. Halleluiah! Moving on, our ministry has taken off with great momentum. During these first two months, we have dedicated ourselves to prayer and the Word across two prayer retreats; with the knowledge that only through prayer can we fulfill our calling this year.

It looks like the people are ready and so are the leaders. So, let’s go! Do not be left behind. The Lord is calling for a renewed commitment and a life of godliness. There is so much to do this year and all hands must be on deck. I hope you will all find and man your duty posts. To the glory of God, eight new members were added to our numbers and many of them are very excited about what that will mean for them in terms of bringing their gifts and services to the ministry. We warmly welcome them all in Jesus name. Take a good look at our new worship schedule covering the period ending in May. Prayerfully commit to full participation in all the programs and activities, taking particular note of the events slated for the Easter season. Finally, let us all with great excitement await that joyous resurrection morning. Happy Easter in advance!

Your Chief Servant,
Pastor Sam. E. Nweze
February 2024

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