We are called and chosen people. We need to know our relationship with Lord Jesus Christ in a batter way than before. Relationship should continue to develop in understanding, love and concern for doing something for Him.

Jesus Christ is a very person. Our relationship reflects always what we think of the other person. Our talk, thinking and act shows that the person is alive or dead. In church there are two type of believers.
Some shows by their deeds that their Lord is dead and no more alive. In case of troubles, emergency, happy or sad moments they need some mediator like Pastor or other minister. Their Lord is very small, weak and tiny that He cannot fulfill their need. He cannot make their daily life brightened and joyful. They are full with complains. They become the trouble makers. They need always a feeder to drink milk. They need attention, care and sympathy.

Other shows that they have living contact or alive contact with their Lord Jesus. When they fell into troubles, they contact by themselves to Him. In case of emergency they call upon his name. When they are happy, they invite Him and enjoy His fellowship. When they have challenges, they know their Lord is bigger than this challenge. Their works tells that they are in relation with someone who’s grace and love is enough for them. They are not trouble makers but they became solutions. They don’t need attention but they pay attention to others.

On this resurrection season I encourage you to have alive relationship with your living Lord Jesus Christ. Because he is not dead anymore, he has risen and his grave is empty.

Happy Resurrection season

From the desk of your Pastor,

Boaz Kamran

April 2019

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