Love is the basic emotion we learn and know very well. All human knows it but makes the interpretation of love in a different way. Love is something starts from God himself and will be ended to him.

There is one love in the world and there is in one love in the Holy Bible. World has its own meaning in different aspects of life. I want to talk a little but from the word of God.

The greatest act of love from God is to come to earth and give His own life for us. Nothing but love is the force who make the salvation possible for all of us.

 God, who is the king of the universe and He is the creator of every thing in seen and unseen world, has to pay the plenty of sins at our behalf.

Love cannot give us the escape from what we have done. Someone has to pay it. He paid it for the sin of the Adam and ready to receive us. We need to repent. If we cannot repent, we cannot be partaker of His kingdom.

Christianity was not so easy to follow at its early period as it is today. It was not Christianity but the kingdom of God. In kingdom is roles and regulations and one should obey and agree to follow.

Jesus came to this earth to establish the kingdom of God. The kingdom where followers are examples to the world. They should show how Christ look like. They are the people who reflect and radiate the very nature of Christ. So, sinners and lost could be able to follow for sinners own good to be saved.

I just want to give challenge to me and to you, what we are doing is the doings of Christ? How we live is the example to the world to follow? Are we light of this world? Is world can see the difference between right and wrong, sin and righteousness?

If not than let us reassemble our self. Examine ourselves by the word of God. Critize ourselves if we are unfit in God's word. Change ourselves instead to change the word of God.

Boaz Kamran

September 2022

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