John 1:14

We praise the name of our Lord and saviour who paid the prise at our behalf to deliver us from the penalty of eternal death. For this very reason He came to earth and we see and encounter Him and His name is JESUS. He born not of flesh nor by the desire of men but the spirit and the will of God Himself. He is unique at His birth, life (with sings and wonders), death, burial and specially His resurrection.

Every nation has his leader every religion has his God, but only the Christians has this privilege to announce that their Lord and saviour is not dead like other but resurrected for everlasting life. As His followers we have hope and faith that we are going to taste the resurrection not for death but eternal life with our Lord.

Your birth is special and you are on a mission from God. Know it and start working for it to accomplish.

Live Life for good death.

Today its not a matter if there is life after death but the matter if we are living A LIFE actually on this earth.

Stay blessed.

From the desk of your Pastor
Boaz Kamran

March 2017

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