When thief entered into the garden of Eden. He see two beings who looked just like God whom he worshiped always. But same God cast him out from heaven and now he want to give pain to God. He can do nothing to God. At least he want to try to kill these two who look like God.

This thief (devil in serpent) heard that they are being told if they eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil they will surely die.

Means God create Adam and Eve but at the same time He created death as well. Death was there but death was dead. It means Adam and Eve can give life to death as they got life from God, by disobedience.

As devil want to kill them but he cannot. He realise here is a person named detah who can do the same what he want to do to Adam and Eve.

So he stats with Eve to convince her with logic to eat the forbidden fruit.

She ate, nothing happened, this thing make her convince more that serpent is right. She now turn to her husband with fruit. He may not want to eat. But she told her look I can eat in front of you and you will see nothing will happen. She did. This thing may convince him to eat.

As soon as Adam eat, everything changed. They became afraid. Fear were starting of death. Death become alive until today.

God was rulling through human with life but devil start rulling us with death.

Devil intervened in God's plan and bring death, God intervened in devil's plan and bring life again through Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

When we receive Jesus. He said go and give my testimoney. When our time ends on earth, God send same death to bring that believer to heaven.

When death bring that believer, it means believer will live forever. Means now death is dead for him again.

This is how we won in Christ over death and celebrate.

From the desk of your pastor Boaz
February 2024

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