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God made Adam and Eve and put them into the garden of Eden. Before Adam God made the person named DEATH. But at that time death was dead and power less. God told Adam if you disobey me you will die. Means your disobediance give LIFE to death.

Satan want to steal and kill and destroy them but he could not even touch them.

When God´s instruction is heard by satan, he knows there is a person name death. He cannot do anything to human but if he will be successfull to make human disobey God than death will be alive and do the same to human what he want to do to them.

He attempted with Eve and he succeded to Adam as well.

When Eve disobey nothing happened but when Adam ate they see the changes and death become alive to kill them.

God love the human so much He decided to pay the penalty by himself instead of you and me.

Jesus Christ came to earth and pay the price. Jesus was the second Adam in human history who was incarnated like first Adam. Means they both were without sin. They were not with any sin like all of us. That's why death cannot kill them because of their sinlessness.

Jesus incarnated just like first human Adam, as he was before sin.

Know if Jesus want to die. He must have sin in His body, which He did not have. So He collected my and your sins. Know He can die.

When someone gives life to Jesus. He says go and do my testimony on earth. When time came Jesus send death to bring His child to Him. So He could make that child eternal with Him.

Eternal means, We will get back the life of Adam which he had before sin. Means death will be dead for us.

So this is what Christ did to death. Jesus uses death to bring believer to Him and death die for that believer forever. At the other hand unbeliever taste death once on earth but will taste death forever.

Be with Christ at His given standards in The Bible.

Pastor Boaz Kamran

May 2023

One thing I want to get into your notice in this beautiful journey as Christian, is that the Bible is not a religious book. If I will describe in short the Bible is:

  1. About the King of Kings
  2. His Kingdom
  3. His royal family

More over the Bible is about:

  1. A government
  2. Colonization of earth by the kingdom of heaven
  3. A restoration program of human being

So summary of the Bible is; that King of Kings want to extend His heavenly kingdom om earth through His called people (Church) and secondly He want to establish His kingdom with kings not with people.

That way the Bible has its own culture and moral values.

God has made Adam and Eve for the very purpose and give them authority on earth to be the ruler or king of the earth. They are made for to establish heavenly kingdom on earth. So the will of the father be done on earth as it is on heaven.

After the fall of man, the Bible even describe the restoration program of man. And in the mind of God only one purpose is prevailing about earth that He want to establish His own kingdom on earth.

As the time passes man get far way from this original purpose of His creator. That's why when the Son of God our Lord Jesus Christ came he starts with one sentence "Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand" and His last record on earth is the same as well. Acts 1:3 (focus is kingdom only).

He teaches the same in Lords prayer as pattern to follow for the believers. Let us work with the Holy Spirit to establish His Kingdom in our lives and around us.

Pastor Boaz Kamran

January 2023

Love is the basic emotion we learn and know very well. All human knows it but makes the interpretation of love in a different way. Love is something starts from God himself and will be ended to him.

There is one love in the world and there is in one love in the Holy Bible. World has its own meaning in different aspects of life. I want to talk a little but from the word of God.

The greatest act of love from God is to come to earth and give His own life for us. Nothing but love is the force who make the salvation possible for all of us.

 God, who is the king of the universe and He is the creator of every thing in seen and unseen world, has to pay the plenty of sins at our behalf.

Love cannot give us the escape from what we have done. Someone has to pay it. He paid it for the sin of the Adam and ready to receive us. We need to repent. If we cannot repent, we cannot be partaker of His kingdom.

Christianity was not so easy to follow at its early period as it is today. It was not Christianity but the kingdom of God. In kingdom is roles and regulations and one should obey and agree to follow.

Jesus came to this earth to establish the kingdom of God. The kingdom where followers are examples to the world. They should show how Christ look like. They are the people who reflect and radiate the very nature of Christ. So, sinners and lost could be able to follow for sinners own good to be saved.

I just want to give challenge to me and to you, what we are doing is the doings of Christ? How we live is the example to the world to follow? Are we light of this world? Is world can see the difference between right and wrong, sin and righteousness?

If not than let us reassemble our self. Examine ourselves by the word of God. Critize ourselves if we are unfit in God's word. Change ourselves instead to change the word of God.

Boaz Kamran

September 2022

We are made at the image of God. We all sinned in Adam and Eve and come short from the glory of God. We were in need to be rescued. Non in the world left behind to rescue mankind.

Then He who made us came on earth for us. His coming on earth and rescuing us were for ordained. This is not so easy to understand by human nor angels.

All of this is full with mystery.

Making at God´s image, sinned, casting out, God's visit on earth through a virgin, let Himself died on the cross, go to grave for three days and nights, raising from death, show himself for 40 days, ascending to heaven.

We have entered know in a season where we will celebrate with or without knowing these truths deeply enough to walk and talk strongly for witnessing these supernatural events.

He raised from the dead. This is one of the most important events in our celebrations. Why it is so important that Christ raised from the dead? Such miracles happened before in the Word of God and in history. This is important because:

All others were born normally But Christ was born of a virgin.

All others who died don't want to die But Christ came to die.

All others were raised from the dead by others prayer But Christ raised by Himself.

All others raised to be dead again But Christ raised from the dead to live for ever and ever.

All others raised alone from the dead But Christ raised and many other raised with him.

Praise the Name of the Lord who will raise us from dead if we will die before He came to take us with Him. Raise your head up to get yourselves ready to follow Him.

Pastor Boaz Kamran

April 2022

As a believer we know that all things are good and under the divine plan of our Lord Jesus Christ. Even devil thinks that he is doing the things according to his plans and wishes but in the end, he will come to know he was accomplishing the Lord’s will. It is very difficult for us to
understand the ways, how God moves and works but one thing we can do is TRUST HIM. Because He is in a full control around us.

Trusting God is our strength and power to go forward in life and situations even we are unable to understand. Christian knows that we are travelling towards the end timings and Jesus is at door. Everything pointing this way. Prophecies of the Bible is being fulfilled and continue in every year. Corona Virus is one of the signs too. So, we need to be got ready to join the party. We cannot miss when the time arrived to be with our Lord.

You and me are the hope of the world. They are looking towards us to be their hope and we can help the world only through the Holy Spirit by sharing the good news.

Let’s celebrate Christmas but don’t forget the reason of the season which is Jesus Christ. Don’t be afraid of corona. Bible mentioned 365 times to believers do not be afraid. One time for the day for the whole year. We have to do the work of the Lord as we live and death will be the gain. So, there is no reason to be afraid.

May God of all riches bless you abundantly. Merry Christmas and a blessed new year.

From the desk of your Pastor

Boaz Kamran

November 2021

Throughout the history of mankind people always looking forward to reach God. To achieve this goal, they have gone through the separation from humanity, meditation, prayers, offerings, feasts, killing others, self-killing, painful and most difficult exercises, etc.

Even believers had this desire to see God. Moses once asked God if he could see Him personally with his human eyes. Exodus 33:18-20.

Why this desire was found within humankind. Question to see God does not make Him surprise because God make it possible for Adam and eve that they were able to see Him. They were very much used to see God and each other. God knows that seeing Him is built-in desire in human spirit and soul. It is our only spiritual satisfaction. Genesis 3:8, Isaiah 43:21.

During the time of history God sent His messengers and prophets who revealed God’s plan to us. They told us that God is coming to this earth. They revealed that God will dwell among us. Then we will be able to talk to Him, touch Him, see Him and have fellowship with Him.

About 2019 years ago time had arrived when a child was born. He was born by unusual way, He was born by a virgin, heaven moves, Angels were in action with great excitement, wise men were informed supernaturally, poor people were receiving the massages through angels.

Heavens and the earth were shouting that God has come. This child is not only a child but the creator of all things. His name and its meaning revealed by the angel. His name will be IMMANUEL. Immanuel means GOD IS WITH US. Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 1:23.

Now God has reached to us. This is the reason of Christmas season. Opportunity has been given. Know we decide if we want to have fellowship with God or not.

Let make this Christmas special. Start to have fellowship with Him. If you are doing already let us go further in his love and deep fellowship. Let your surrounding knows that you have not only the information of God but deep relationship with God.

God bless you richly,

From the desk of your pastor

Boaz Kamran

December 2019

As a believer we need to understand completely and deeply two things.

We are the called and chosen people of most high.

Our enemy is defeated and has absolutely no authority upon us.

Because: we are delivered by the grace of God. Jesus had atoned us, covered us from the sins.

The plan of atonement was foreordained. Before creation He had planed our salvation. God is never taken by surprise. That’s why God was not surprised when Adam and Eve sinned. But remember one thing, sin was never the plan of God, but it was in the knowledge of God. It’s His grace and unconditional love He planned our salvation before we were born or created as mankind.

Disobedience, sin, death and hell was not the plan of God but the plan of our enemy. Sin is foreign element. it is not the original plan of God.

Devil intervene in the plan of God and bring sin and death. God intervene in the plan of devil and bring salvation and eternal life.

Jesus did not just give us salvation, but He has broken the power of sin. Just embrace Jesus properly. We have no guarantee of this life, but believers have guarantee of eternal life.

Let us live for our Lord and glorify Him.

From the desk of your Pastor

Boaz Kamran

September 2019